Parent Testimonial

The Parent Project, Senior

Research supports the effectiveness of the Parent Project in reducing recidivism.

Reported in OJJDP Journal, ”According to a program evaluation study, the number of petitions filed for juvenile offenses decreased 33%, the number of minors on probation for any cause declined more than 30 percent, the number of drug-related probation violations was down 20 percent, and the number of days spent by youth in detention decreased 24 percent, in addition, the school dropout rate fell from 17 percent to 0 percent and school expulsions plummeted.

The format of the class includes 10 weekly, 3/2 hour sessions with parents where they learn and practice behavior management techniques to use at home. Parent support groups are formed using the UCLA self-help support group model. Specific topics address key issues faced by parents including prevention and intervention strategies:

Arguing and family conflict                  Poor school performance
Truancy and dropouts                         Teen sexuality
Youth Gangs                                       Teen violence and bullying

  • For Parents Only of difficult or out-of-control teens
  • 12 week program (3 hours weeks 1-6/ 2 hours weeks 7 -12)
  • Classes offered quarterly in English and Spanish

“The Parent Project is now the largest court mandated juvenile diversion program in the county and for agencies the least expensive intervention program available today"

The parent Project is a class for PARENTS ONLY.  This class is designed for parent of difficult or out of control teens.  The 12 week program utilizes the "Changing Destructive Adolescent Behavior" curriculum and provides concrete solutions and skills to help parents gain control over their household.  This is the only program in the country that tackles the most destructive of adolescent behaviors.  Classes are offered quarterly in English or Spanish.  $45 fee per person, $60 per couple.  Financial assistance is available!



Parents/Caregivers Only

English:  Thursdays—Salinas

October 4 - December 13, 2018     5:45-9:00 PM

Location: North Salinas High School

Spanish:  Mondays—Salinas

August 6 - October 15, 2018

5:45 - 9 PM

Location:  Natividad Medical Center